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Wood Floor Cleaning

  • This Procedure Uses No Excess Water
  • No Truck Mounted Hoses Needed!
  • Extremely Effecient Chemical Floor Cleaning
  • Fixes Light Scratching and Traffic Wear
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Hardwood floor cleaning is an extremely valuable service to the regular home. For most people, the wear and tear of daily use will begin to show on their flooring within years of installation. This results in an extremely disappointing appearance on what was once a beautiful floor. Unfortunately for the homeowner, regular cleaning methods will not remove this wear and tear. However, there are many solutions that do indeed work for cleaning your flooring. Historically, you would have had to use a mechanical sanding device in the presence of liquid cooling agents to remove a layer of your flooring, but now there is a new more efficient option. At InstaDry, we believe in the lowest moisture methods for all floor cleaning. This applies to wood floor cleaning as well. InstaDry uses the Basic Coatings wood floor cleaning system.

FAQ 1 Does your system permanently change the appearance of my flooring?

InstaDry's chemical wood floor cleaning does not change the grain of your hardwood floors. Mechanical wood cleaners scratch the top layer off of the flooring which does change your flooring.

The Basic Coating System relies on the low moisture cleaning at high efficiency. It is well established that excessive moisture in the presence of hardwood will lead to the cupping of the wood as the wood absorbs water and expands. That means that at the center of the wooden planks there will be a slight divot downwards where is at the edge of the planks there will be an upward slope. This will be uncomfortable not only to walk on, but also unseemly to the eyes. Counteractively, in extremely low moisture environments such as high alcohol cleaners, there will be a reabsorption of water from the wood leading to shrinkage. Shrinkage will show as space between wood floor planks. This space is not only uncomfortable to walk on, but also is very unattractive for many homeowners. When wood floors cost as much as they do, it is important that they are treated properly because repairs can be extremely expensive.

It is for this reason that InstaDry has chosen a low moisture, highly aggressive treatment program. The basic coatings uses a pair of counteracting chemical inside of highly concentrated, yet water-based forms to create a potent cleaning program. The first of the two chemicals applied is in intensive floor treatment. IFT works by using high alkalinity to remove dirt, grime, and anything that would discolor the wood. This chemical is mixed with an evaporator alcohol compound which will ensure that the wood does not stay wet for very long, only long enough to remove to remove the excess dirt and grease. To counteract the alkalinity, the second chemical called SQUEAKY is low alkalinity compound. It will neutralize the alkalinity from the IFT and will allow for highly polished appearance on the floors. This is great for removing regular traffic wear as well as possible spotting from basic cleaning compounds from previous cleaners or mops. The combination of these two chemicals provides an unprecedented clean to the floor that was previously reserved only for mechanical polishing. However in this new age of chemical cleaning, your floor's can be back to their person state in no time has significantly more manageable cost than mechanical cleaning.

FAQ 2 How do you "dry clean" hardwood floors?

Our system uses signifigantly less fluid than other systems. In fact, the wood is only exposed to the liquid chemical cleaners for a brief moment before it is sunctioned to nearly complete dryness.

Furthermore every service completed my InstaDry comes with a free refinishing. You get to choose between either as satin or a guy gloss finish for your wood floors. Rapidly applied, rapidly drying, and amazingly clean there is no finish like the satin or gloss finishes. They provide complete refinishing just like the factory at a fraction of the time requirement of other options. InstaDry low moisture wood floor cleaning system is crucial to establishing the best possible balance of clean appearance as well as preservation of the hardwood floors.

Additionally, the machine that specifically used by InstaDry is custom tailored to provide the best possible cleaning results. Using a multiple brush system with a highly powered vacuum attached to a squeegee attachment, there is a guarantee that the flooring will stay inside of a dry state as the machine passes over it. The long neck of the machine is the only location at which your flooring is actively damp. Outside of the machine's working area, the wood floor is completely dry. The machine has a liquid output nozzle as well as a liquid collection device at the rear of the machine. These two novels provide a complete extraction of the liquid during the cleaning as well as a complete removal of dirt, grime, and any other mess causing agents.

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