Wool-Safe Rug Cleaning

InstaDry's deep and restorative rug cleaning will rejuvenate your specialty rugs.



Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning

  • This Procedure Uses No Excess Water
  • Pickup/Delivery Available
  • All Natural Hypoallergenic Cleaning Reagent
  • Restoration Cleaning with Spot and Stain Treatment
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Average Turnaround Time
  4 Days

Soiled area rugs can pose some serious difficulties when it comes to professional cleaning. Wool, silk, jute, coure, cotton, and synthetic fibers all behave differently, and require various treatments when being professionally cleaned. Considering the fact that natural fiber rugs can cost thousands of dollars to purchase or replace, and the decision of which company to choose for delicate rug cleaning becomes a serious question. Using the wrong detergents on a delicate rug can quickly cause dye to run, fibers to fray, and backings to separate. InstaDRY technicians are thoroughly trained in cleaning methods that protect the integrity of delicate rugs, and are guaranteed to not cause warping or damage.

FAQ 1 What does it mean that your service is "Wool-Safe"?

InstaDry uses several systems that are certified by major organizations including the Carpet and Rug Institute, Wool-Safe Organization, and Asthma and Allergy Assocation

ThisThe most common type of delicate rug, wool requires special attention to prevent the dyes inside the fiber from running, and to prevent the rug itself from shrinking and warping. Wet methods require large drying racks and heaters to stretch out a wool rug while it dries to prevent it from shrinking like a sweater in a clothes dryer.

InstaDRY maintains such a low level of moisture when cleaning, none of this process is necessary. Our carefully designed system contains no harsh chemicals that can unseat dyes inside delicate wool fibers. Finally, all InstaDRY technicians go through a rigorous training regimen to ensure they can quickly identify the fiber content of a rug before cleaning, with InstaDRY the right technique is used on the right rug every time.

FAQ 2 How large of rugs can you work on? Do you deliver?

InstaDry's team is ready to work on almost any size rugs. We do have the abilty to pick up and deliver your rug, though it may be associated with additional cost depending on location.

Many rugs can be cleaned inside the home without a risk of damage to the floor underneath. Because the system InstaDRY uses is so low moisture, we can clean a natural fiber rug sitting on top of a hardwood floor without damaging the expensive wood. In office rug cleanings are also available, InstaDRY facilities are equipped and ready to handle rugs dropped off, picked up, and delivered to and from any location in the area. Like our carpet cleaning services, rugs are dry and ready for use the moment services are completed. Some rugs require special attention that can only be given inside an InstaDRY facility. Particularly thin rugs, heavy shag such as Flokati, some silks, and rugs with a heavy pet smell all may need to be brought back for special attention.

FAQ 3 What kinds of rugs can InstaDRY work on?

InstaDRY can clean rugs made of wool, cotton, silk, jute, coure, sisal, any synthetic fiber, and many others. If a rug does not fall under the common fiber types, give us a call and we’ll see what we can do.

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