Wool-Safe Upholstery Cleaning

InstaDry's restorative Upholstery Cleaning will bring your furniture back to peak condition.



Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

  • Dirt and Dust are Removed by Suction
  • Oils are Removed by Emulsifiers
  • Furniture is Restored by Low Moisture Extraction
  • All Natural Hypoallergenic Cleaning Reagents
Average Customer Satisfaction
Average Worling Time
  1.5 Hours

Purchasing the upholstery and the furniture for your home is one of the most important design decisions that you will make. Whether you want your home to be an archetypal classic, or a modern sleek home for the future, there are many different decisions to make. When you finally decide on what you want your home to look like, and you've made your purchases, then you want nothing more in the world than to never have to change any of it again. Yet due to the frequent usage of our upholstery and furniture it doesn't take long for them to begin to show wear and tear and lose the look that they once had. This shows in a variety of way: at a more contemporary home it may show as an overall change in the appearance of the once sleek looking furniture. For a home filled with antique furniture, the old and rugged appearance may turn into dirty and worn.

FAQ 1 What makes your system "dry"?

InstaDry uses a high power vacuum sealed cushion dirt extractor. This allows for the majority of the dried dirts and grime to be removed without any emulsification step. Following this, there is the addition of a limited amount of moisture in the form of grease and oil removers.

No matter how you reach the realization that it is time to clean your furniture, you will want to get the best possible cleaner for your home. You have many options; you could go with a team who does not have specialized equipment and merely uses the same equipment they use on flooring. Alternatively you can choose to use specialist with professionally serviced equipment to specifically focus on different types of upholstery and furniture. The InstaDry team brings special equipment to upholstery jobs to allow us to better take care of furniture and the special needs of working with upholstery. Since upholstery is so fragile, it is one of the most suitable environments for the low moisture cleaning system that we specialize in.

InstaDry’s low moisture upholstery cleaning system breaks down into three major phases. The first phase is to remove the major offending dirt, grime, and substances using high powered water filtered vacuums. These water filtration vacuums are not found inside of the average home and provide a uniquely powerful capability. Since they are high air flow, they can move up to 30% more dirt and dust and even the strongest of home vacuums. Companies that use lesser vacuums will not be able to match the final results of the InstaDry cleaning because their foundation is inherently flawed. This high-powered vacuuming allows us to continue with our second phase which is the treatment of the oil-based wear. The oil based damage is usually a product of human skin oils as well as the occasional grease, sweat or the likes. This shows as a haze that will cover the furniture and attract and fixate dirt whilst giving the furniture a slightly darker appearance which is the major appearance of being worn or dirty. When you run a wet rag over the couch and it no longer becomes clean, then you can be sure that you have gathered oil and human skin stains and wear. The second phase of the InstaDry process emulsifies these skin oils and bring them into the liquid form.

FAQ 2 Is your system good for all types of material?

Due to the organic nature of the cleaning reagents, they are good for most any type of upholstery material. By not relying on high amount of moisture or harsh chemicals, we are able to work with almost any fabric or material.

The third phase is extraction of the cleaning chemicals and emulsified oils. InstaDry focuses on all low moisture systems for our third phase. This allows us to pull out the emulsified skin oils and alternative oils into the waste collection. By using low amounts of moisture, your upholstery and furniture can be dry within as a little less half an hour of the cleaning process. Once the furniture is dry the InstaDry technician will show you the work and guarantee the final product. Our technicians believe in the quality of their work and are proud to show you the cleaning results.

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