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Clean and Dry
Before We Say Goodbye!
Dry carpet cleaning means that you get to see and enjoy your cleaned carpets immediately!
No need to wait hours or even days for carpets to dry!
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Pet Friendly. Child Safe. Allergen Free.
Our organic cleaning materials are safe for everyone in your home.
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Wide Variety of Services
Our eco-friendly cleaning method is safe for wool rugs, powerful enough for tile and grout, and amazing for upholstery!
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What Experts Say
"I've used HOST Cleaner with great success and it's good for all types of carpet. Plus I love that it is environmentally friendly." - Martha Stewart



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What do you need to know about InstaDry?

Proudly Serving Greater Tampa Bay

InstaDry believes in a business model of better service and better results. From the initial booking to the final quality check, you are guaranteed to love every moment of your interaction with us. We stand by this promise with our Cleaned Right Guarantee which gives you the protection of having the job done right.

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InstaDRY uses a unique method for a deep, thorough clean without excessive water leaving them clean, sanitized, and dry, ready for use.

Commercial Cleaning


InstaDRY is licensed and insured to allow us to work with your administrative needs. Our cleaning services don’t require downtime; get back to your operations the moment we’re done.

Wood Floor Cleaning


InstaDRY uses a chemical cleaning process to remove and repair the daily wear and tear from your wood floors, extending their life and keeping them looking good.

Equipment Sales


InstaDry carries a surplus of the tools that you could use to keep your floors in tip-top shape in between our visits to your home or office.

Equipment Rentals


Go-getters on a budget may benefit from a temporary usage of our cleaning machine. It's deep cleaning capabilities takes on the biggest of messes.

Tile and Grout Cleaning


Tile and grout cleaning ensures long lasting cleanliness and a better look to the tiles. Our method treats grout at the core rather than surface.

Upholstery Cleaning


Upholstery cleaning uses a low moisture cleaning tool that works into the fibers of the cover without penetrating the cushion itself.



Our cleaning method is safe for all variety of natural or synthetic rugs. It is highly efficient against pet stains as well as traffic wear.


Why is DRY cleaning taking over Tampa?

To understand why hundreds of people in Tampa are switching to the dry cleaning methods, you have to understand the core aspects of carpet cleaning. All carpet cleaning services begin by finding the ways to extract the dirt, the grime, and the other from the carpeting. While there are dozens of ways to do this, they are not equal. The traditional way is to throw down gallons of water onto your carpet mixed with detergents to dissolve dirt. As anyone who has ever used a service like this knows, this is extremely inefficient as it often results in dozens of gallons of water being left behind.

Dry Carpet Cleaning is healthier, better for flooring, and safer. By not leaving water behind, you are increasing the lifespan of your flooring and saving thousands in maintenance costs.

This is completely avoidable if you use the much more convenient dry cleaning system. The dry cleaning systems use a semi moist sponge-like organic compound. These sponges are vigorously worked into the carpet and therefore absorb dirt. The sponges are then fully extracted using high power vacuums which result in the dirt and grime being removed from your home. A wet or steam cleaner will often leave behind up to 20% of the water that they use. This means that on a normal job using 50 gallons of water, up to 10 gallons of water maybe left in your home. This dirty water becomes a source of mold, bacteria, and horrible odor that eventually lead to carpet falling apart and needing to be replaced.

Our cleaning materials are plant based. Not test tube based.

Sparky can enjoy playing on the carpet! No worries about harmful detergents.

In contrast, dry carpet cleaning sponges are some of the most advanced technology in the cleaning industry. By containing small amounts of moisture, they are able to fully pull out the dirt and grime that causes spots, traffic, and odors. If you wish to truly extract the stains and this dirt, you have no better options than Dry Carpet Cleaning. In fact, as soon as many of our clients see our technicians in action, they immediately are in awe. The results are significantly better than many of the other services they have used because of the technology that drives our cleaning method.

InstaDry uses several systems that are certified by major organizations including the Carpet and Rug Institute, Wool-Safe Organization, and Asthma and Allergy Assocation

Additionally, the low moisture system that InstaDry specializes in is utilized in a variety of cleaning environments. It is equally powerful for rug cleaning, tile and grout, and upholstery as it is for carpets. The benefits of not over-wetting your flooring helps protect rug seams, fragile grout, and cushion integrity alike. One of the most recent innovations in home cleaning has been the invention of low moisture systems for cleaning wood floors as well. InstaDry believes that innovation is the core of industry and we have picked up the latest technology to allow us to clean hardwood floors using the low moisture system.


Our Customers Say it Best:
InstaDry is one of the most pleasant companies I have ever worked with. They answer the phones, show up on time, and do truly remarkable work."
- Charles Barbour, Tampa
I LOVE INSTADRY. Before they opened up near me, I used a steam company, but I never liked their final product. My sister who uses them in Orlando told me about them opening in Tampa and I have been using them ever since!
- Ann Masterson , Tampa
If you are tired of not being able to use your carpets for hours after a wet cleaner soaks them (and they don't dry in our Floridian humidity!!) then instadry is your best way to avoid this.
- Robert Iler , Tampa
"After InstaDry left, my wife sent me some snaps of the flooring and the carpet looked like it did on day one. Needless to say, we were able to avoid replacing it which saved us tons!"
- Larry Holmes, Tampa
I am very happy with the results and it was extremely nice to get the entire price up front, no frills! I think it is cool how they confirm the service the day before and stay in touch the day of service.
- Melissa Lewis , Tampa
After my dog trashed one of my rugs, I was in desperate need for a professional cleaner. Most companies wouldn't touch the rug with a 10 foot pole, but InstaDry took it an nursed it back to life! Price was beyond fair for the work they did.
- Daniel Nelson , Tampa

This is just the tip of the iceburg! Want to hear more people who think we are the best?

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The Very Best Cleaning Tools


The tools used by InstaDry are certified by these outstanding organizations who believe in cleaner homes, better products, and a healthier tomorrow.
Whether you want brighter carpets for your home or a brighter future for the world, InstaDry is here to serve you.