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Brandi F.

"Amazing customer experience from start to finish of the job! ...their unique instadry process involves using a powder they sprinkle on the carpet and clean with a super industrial vacuum cleaner which is what allows it to be dry when they are finished!"

David E.

"Their dry cleaning process was far superior to the soaking-wet steam services I have used in the past. With InstaDRY the carpet was indeed dry when the cleaning was completed... Add to that the friendliness and efficiency of my cleaning tech... it doesn't get any better in my book."

Kathy G.

"I recently had to move in to a mobile home where the last owner had let their cats destroy it the day she got evicted... Instadry managed to save it...To tell you I am amazed is an understatement, Instadry is the only carpet cleaner I will ever use from now on.

Tracey T.

" We have a household of asthma and allergies and Andrew assured us that this was the service for us. The carpets felt great after he was finished. Since there is no water used, there was no waiting for them to dry to put furniture back into place. "

Ashley S.

"Andrew came over to clean my couch for me. He was very informative and professional. He shared a lot of tips and suggestions and was done the job in great time. My couch was so much better by the time he left. I recommend this company to anyone and their product is fantastic."

Aleicia H.

"This definently was one of the best carpet cleaning experience I have ever had. The technician came to my apartment ahead of schedule and prepared. He was friendly and professional and worked consistently. "

Colby A.

"The tech was very informative on the carpet cleaning process and did a thorough job both upstairs, down and the stairs as well. He didn't cut any corners. The customer service at InstaDry is top notch and I would recommend them to anyone."

Cheryl M.

"Terry was pleasant and did the job quickly and completely. All the stains were gone and the carpeting looks like new. We couldn't have asked for a nicer young man to handle this, nor for a more professional young man."

Owlyn J.

" I am moving into a previously occupied 17yr old house. I have terrible allergies and I needed the carpets thoroughly cleaned... I'd had other companies use traditional steam cleaning or shampooing in homes in the past, and I was always miserable until the carpet dried. InstaDry involved none of that, it was truly dry!!"

Ginny C.

"InstaDRY is just that -- instantly dry. I was able to walk all over my house in my sock feet as soon as Brett finished cleaning. The carpet was completely dry and my house smelled great. No soggy carpet and no chance of mold building up underneath the padding which is important when you live in Florida.

Jas J.

"I loved the friendly team and what made me write about them was not only the perfect professional attitude of the company but also the promptness of their time keeping; they gave me a time and they were there 5 mins before. WOW WOW WOW. "

Kamilah J.

"I had my new office cleaned by them today and I was so impressed. Andrew was amazing and very pleasant. The carpet looked great, smelled great and and was spotless when he was finished. I will definitely call them to clean the old office once I move out."

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