Dry Carpet Cleaning

InstaDry's deep and restorative carpet cleaning will bring new life to your carpets.



Dry Carpet Cleaning Material

Dry Carpet Cleaning

  • This Procedure Uses No Excess Water
  • No Truck Mounted Hoses Needed!
  • All Natural Hypoallergenic Cleaning Reagent
  • Restoration Cleaning with Spot and Stain Treatment
Average Life of Carpets Cleaned by InstaDry:
   15 Years
Steam Cleaners
  5 Years

Dry Carpet Cleaning is a completely unique method for maintaining flooring in a home or business. Rather than spreading a large volume of water and harsh chemical detergents around the surfaces to be cleaned, InstaDRY uses an organic microsponge to absorb and trap dirt for easy removal. This advanced procedure allows for minimal moisture to prevent the development of mold and mildew while still achieving a high standard of cleaning.

FAQ 1 What makes dry carpet cleaning any better than wet cleaning?

Dry cleaning eliminates the worry of spots returning during the hours of drying time while providing a deep, restorative clean with every job.

InstaDRY carpet cleaning services relies on organic, natural materials to absorb and remove dirt from carpet rather than spread harsh chemicals around the floor. This organic cleaning material is safe for pets, children, and is hypoallergenic. This cleaning method provides invaluable benefits to any household where allergens, mold, or mildew are a concern. The machinery used by InstaDRY employs a pair of counter-rotating brushes to lift the carpet pile and distribute the cleaning compound to the base of the carpet fiber. This combination of deep cleaning, pile lifting, and immediate absorption of soiling leads to a far more effective clean than traditional hot water extraction.

FAQ 2 How do dry cleaning results compare to steam cleaning?

InstaDry has gotten some truly amazing results with our techniques, a quick look at our testimonials will vouch for that. Many of our customers become life-long clients, because they will never trust their flooring to second quality "coupon" services again.

In contrast to the dry cleaning method used by InstaDRY, wet cleaners only remove 70% of the water and detergent they use, leaving the rest inside the carpet fibers and pad. InstaDRY removes nearly all materials used, leaving the carpets clean, dry, deodorized, and ready to walk on without any downtime. Over time, the detergent and water left behind by wet cleaners can cause rapid resoiling, as well as a reduced life of the carpet. InstaDRY services are designed from the ground up to extend the life of carpet.

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